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So who is this Sig­nal Caller guy any­way? Jed Drenning - Former Quarterback - Former Offen­sive Coordinat



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In 2014, Dana Holgorsen enters his 4th season at the helm. Which 4th year WVU coach had the most impressive season?
1928: Ira Errett Rodgers - Guided WVU to an 8-2 finish including wins over Pitt and Oklahoma State (Oklahoma A&M).
1953: Pappy Lewis - Led the Mountaineers to the Southern Conference title and a Sugar Bowl berth.
1924: Clarence Spears - Helped WVU post an 8-1 record, including a perfect 6-0 mark in Morgantown.
1969: Jim Carlen - Guided West Virginia to a 10-1 mark and a Peach Bowl win over South Carolina.

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TV Scripts

Check it out! There’s an old say­ing in Hol­ly­wood that books are writ­ten for peo­ple who love to read, while scripts are writ­ten for peo­ple who hate to read. In our ongo­ing effort to offer you the most inno­v­a­tive, cut­ting edge, eclec­tic and flat out unusual foot­ball analy­sis site any­where on the web The Sig­nal Caller offers you — for absolutely no rhyme or rea­son in the world — an assorted col­lec­tion of tele­vi­sion scripts and other mis­cel­la­neous writ­ing samples…All authored by The Sig­nal Caller him­self. I guess you could call them “Sig­nal Caller Orig­i­nals.” Okay, that sounds a lot more lame out loud than it did in my head. At any rate, from Sein­feld to The X-Files and beyond, open the file that strikes your fancy and read away!

Frasier Cover

FRASIER — “GRAVE CONCERNS” : Frasier’s rela­tion­ship with Seat­tle jour­nal­ist Celia Meyer is heat­ing up. Their courtship redi­rects abruptly how­ever when Celia, a widow, con­fesses to Frasier that she has recently been on the receiv­ing end of a series of oth­er­worldly vis­its from her late hus­band.  Frasier is torn in a tug-of-war between the best and the worst of him­self. The ther­a­pist in him is res­olute about tack­ling the issue head on to rid Celia of what he sees as obvi­ous delu­sions, while the faint­hearted alarmist in him wants to run scared at the mere notion of being tar­geted from beyond the grave…Martin, mean­while, finds him­self at the mercy of the most unlikely of obses­sions: Surf­ing the Inter­net. What started as a few quick tips from Daphne has now become a spicy and scan­dalous fixation.…With the help of Niles, Frasier weighs his options. He ignores his father’s advice and decides the most direct way to guide Celia through this ordeal and mend her mind is to spend an unin­ter­rupted week­end with her at her estate out­side the city…Over the week­end when a series of unset­tling events at the man­sion cul­mi­nate with Celia’s elec­tric being lost in the rum­bling dark­ness of a light­ning storm, Frasier’s noble inten­tions quickly give way to his ter­ri­fied imag­i­na­tion.

Seinfeld Cover

SEINFELD — “THE WITCH HUNT” : Jerry con­sid­ers his options when he finds him­self in a rela­tion­ship with a mys­te­ri­ous and some­what pecu­liar poet whom Kramer and George sus­pect of dab­bling in the black arts…Kramer, mean­while, is busy get­ting locked and loaded to par­tic­i­pate in a large scale Civil War reen­act­ment being staged in Cen­tral Park…Much to her dis­may, Elaine has been called on to “offi­ci­ate” this pseudo-battle as J. Peter­man has vol­un­teered his cat­a­log and his staff toward spon­sor­ship of the event… George’s frus­tra­tion hits a boil­ing point as he is shot down at every turn in his efforts to jump in on the reen­act­ment action him­self.

X-Files cover

THE X-FILES (TWO PARTS) “RELICT” & “AURELIUS” :When a mem­ber of an FBI Tac­ti­cal Team van­ishes in the moun­tains of West Vir­ginia, a right-wing mili­tia loy­al­ist falls under sus­pi­cion. But when the case comes to the atten­tion of Spe­cial Agents Fox Mul­der and Dana Scully, Mul­der devel­ops a far dif­fer­ent the­ory as to who, or what, is respon­si­ble for the disappearance…After the miss­ing Agent’s body turns up in a remote cav­ern, inex­plic­a­bly impaled, Scully sus­pects the occult. But Mul­der dis­agrees, posit­ing that the Agent has fallen prey to some­thing far more pri­mal. Some­thing far more savage…Another bizarre dis­ap­pear­ance, a sea­soned horse­man accosted on a rid­ing trail, pro­duces a wit­ness. The survivor’s eerie account appears to lend sub­stance to Mulder’s belief that an age-old leg­end has come to the fore in the moun­tains of Appalachia.  With lit­tle to act on the Agents enlist the help of a local recluse…Reputedly the only man to have sur­vived the creature’s attack. As Mul­der ven­tures into the wilder­ness to locate the old man, Scully makes an unset­tling dis­cov­ery about the decep­tive woodsmen’s past. A real­iza­tion that has her fear­ing for her partner’s life…With a des­per­ate mur­derer in pur­suit, Mul­der races to find the most noto­ri­ous undis­cov­ered pri­mate in all of nature…Before it kills again!

Emeralds Cover

WHEN EMERALDS WEEP — A SHORT STORY: Fifty years have drifted by since Cora Hawthorne expe­ri­enced the best and the worst life has to offer…After falling in love under the glow of a sum­mer carousel, tragic cir­cum­stances forced her to feign indif­fer­ence and break off her engage­ment with the love of her life…The word she dreaded soon arrived. Her dear­est Sul­li­van, mis­guided and heart­bro­ken, had for­saken a promis­ing career to depart for Europe with an eye toward doing right by his coun­try in a time of war…Soon after, too soon, Cora received notice that on a cold night in France Sul­li­van indeed paid the ulti­mate price…She never wed, so she never wid­owed. Why then, did she feel like one all the same? Such was her lot in life for the five decades that fol­lowed. Won­der­ing what filled Sullivan’s trou­bled heart in his final moments. Pon­der­ing the many pos­si­bil­i­ties of his final thoughts…Fifty years to the day later, how­ever, a mys­te­ri­ous mis­sive arrives at her doorstep…guided by the most for­tu­itous and unlikely of vari­ables. Will this strange let­ter at long last pro­vide the answers Cora has spent a life­time search­ing for?

 Albatross Cover 231x300

THE SIX ANGELS OF ALBATROSS:  In the wan­ing months of 1962, Amer­i­can sailors are turn­ing up dead on ships out of port in Guan­tanamo Bay, Cuba.  The Agency of Naval Inves­ti­ga­tion dis­patches Lieu­tenant Jut­land Ryder to inves­ti­gate.  The cryp­tic sig­na­ture of the mur­ders defies expla­na­tion, lead­ing Ryder to won­der if he has stum­bled across a twen­ti­eth cen­tury night stalker…The evi­dence leads Ryder to sus­pect a highly-decorated naval offi­cer and com­bat vet­eran named Adrian Stokes.  The case takes a strange turn when Stokes van­ishes before he can be ques­tioned, and the inves­ti­ga­tors dis­cover that, accord­ing to the Navy, he was actu­ally killed in the line of duty ten years prior…A murky fig­ure emerges to warn Ryder that he has unwit­tingly stum­bled into the fall­out of a clas­si­fied project gone awry.  Since the end of the Sec­ond World War, he is told, the U.S. has been in a sci­en­tific race with the Sovi­ets to cre­ate a psy­cho­log­i­cally and phys­i­cally supe­rior human weapon…A race spear­headed by a poly­glot group of the world’s finest sci­en­tific minds known as the Angelic Six.  TO READ THE STORY, CLICK HERE> Alba­tross

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