The Mountaineer Retweet: Give me Liberty…….

by: Brandon Priddy



It was another week of Mountaineer football and another overmatched opponent. Unfortunately WVU looked nowhere near as sharp this week as they did last week, but you’ll never hear me complain about a solid win. Right Auburn? Let’s just jump right to it.

Aww shucks, thanks man. I just want to get it done on all three sides of the blog and do my part to slow down worker productivity on a Tuesday morning. Yes I know you’re finger is hovering over the ‘minimize’ button in case your boss wanders over. It’s football season, baby!

But before we hit Week 2, one last look over the shoulder at Week 1. Godfrey does fantastic work over at SB Nation and this is a great read and includes an interesting little tidbit about a wrinkle to the WVU offense that Mountaineer coaches had tried to hide, but was (to hear GSU coaches tell it) tipped by Skyler Howard’s eyes in a picture someone dug up on the web of a WVU practice. So get ready for Holgo to hire Steve Williams to give all cameramen the Tiger Woods treatment. Continue reading

WVU Thumps Liberty: Rapid Reaction

Skyler Liberty by Brandon Priddy

I’m going to start a little postgame segment here where I post quick thoughts immediately after WVU games. Just things that jump out at me as I watch. This is more fun if you guys jump in in the comments section below, so please add your thoughts as well. Here’s my quick hits following WVU’s solid if not spectacular 41-17 win over the Liberty Flames.

  • The red zone offense is going to be a thing all year. It doesn’t look like we have a dominant run-blocking offensive line, so they aren’t going to be able to just roll over folks inside the 20. And while Skyler Howard looked good in the second half, he’s still not as reliable as he needs to be. Granted this team looked a lot better in that part of the field in the second half than they did in the first, but it was a thing last year and sure looks to be a thing this year. That’s basically just a long way for me to say Josh Lambert could do some special things. I don’t want to jinx what he’s got going and I’d be thrilled to trade some FGs for TDs, but it is what it is. The FBS record for field goals in a season is 31 by Georgia’s Billy Benett in 2003. Josh had 30 last year. So far he’s got 5 this year, and that’s against two of the worst defenses WVU will probably see. I’d say we’ve got a few more 3 and 4 FG games in front of us this season – and with this defense, maybe that’s enough to win. Lambert got robbed for the Lou Groza Award last year (given to the nation’s best placekicker) but you’ve gotta believe he’s on the short list this season. Good luck to him. That’s about the best I can do to find a silver lining on this red zone cloud.

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The Mountaineer Retweet: Football’s Back!

Hey, did you guys enjoy that? I enjoyed that. I mean, how could you NOT enjoy that?

First of all let’s get the pleasantries out of the way. As some of you may remember I got my start here at TheSignalCaller and then I kinda floated away for awhile and did some work over at The Smoking Musket. Well I’m back now and as you can probably tell this site has enjoyed an overhaul that I think is going to make it more fun for me and you. It’s easier to post than it was before – good for me……but more importantly we now have an area to add comments …..good for you. So I’m really excited to be back here and I think it’s going to be a great season. We certainly got off to a rip-roarin’ start!

With that said some of you may remember a feature I did over at the Musket called ‘The Mountaineer Retweet.’ It was pretty popular over there and they’re still doing that and you should definitely check them out. But that feature was always at least as much fun for me to write as folks told me it was for them to read, so I had to do it here. For those who are new to it, it’s pretty simple – I post tweets and then I riff off them. We have fun. Hope you do, too.

Let’s get things started for the 2015 edition of Mountaineer Football!

A good sign. A very good sign.


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