The Mountaineer Retweet: Turtle Soup

by: Brandon Priddy


My wife told me a story about being out in her parent’s Land Cruiser one time and seeing some people in the road looking at something. As she got closer, she noticed that there was a turtle in the road and these people had stopped and, as soon as she passed, they were going to pick it up and get it safely to the shoulder. Being a decent human being but also being too close to stop in time so they could get to the stranded animal, she decided to straddle the animal and leave it safely behind. Unfortunately my wife is a much better person than she is a driver, and being in her late teens and driving a car that was too big for her to begin with, she miscalculated.


And that’s basically what happened to the Maryland Terrapins on Saturday. Splat. Only West Virginia wasn’t trying to swerve or straddle anything. No they made road pizza out of that sucker on purpose. Let’s delve into the Twitters and re-live as complete a Mountaineer performance as we’ve seen in the Dana Holgorsen era.

If you’ll indulge me, a quick personal note. Last week my Aunt Nancy passed away after a short illness. I mention her here only because she was a lifelong sports fan, so it seemed appropriate. She was an avid Florida Gators fan (and not one of those crappy mid/late 90s bandwagon fans, but someone who’d been around since the mid 80s) and followed her team everywhere – bowl games, Final Fours, conference championships. As you can guess, with her a Florida fan and me a Kentucky grad, we had no shortage of spirited banter and we’d routinely exchange text messages when the Gators and Cats were locked it battle. Once she sent me a sympathy card (“so sorry for your loss” ) after the latest Gator gridiron victory over UK. I sent it back for basketball season.

What made her a wonderful aunt was the same thing that made her such a great sports fan – she cared A LOT. First one to comment on a Facebook pic of the kids and always ready with a present for the newest baby in the family when she came to visit. Aunt Nancy loved us nephews and nieces almost as much as she loved all our little kids. Holidays were a 3 ring circus and she was right in the middle.

I still have her text messages from this past March and can’t believe she won’t be on the other end of the phone this year. After Florida’s dramatic comeback on Saturday our family has had a running joke that Aunt Nancy is already working her magic. I’m sad that I won’t get to enjoy more games with her for awhile, but am glad that she’ll never miss another Gator snap. St. Pete better just not obscure her view.

They really are. And I try to not take them for granted because there are just so daggum few of them.

In hindsight Holgo was just supremely confident. It was emanating off of him in waves.

Just really feeling it.

This is my little girl (purple, top center pic). Second grade and already writing at a more advanced level than Chuck Landon! I’m so proud!

(I’m dead serious, by the way. I mean I’ve read a lot of both of their stuff – her sentence structure is better and everything.)

My buddy Booten took this pic and the Twitterverse loved it. And for good reason – what’s not to love about this! Gameday, baby!!

And our band was prepared.

And by the 3rd quarter, a full takeover seemed likely.


Maybe not my favorite uni combo of all time, but solid. I’ll allow it.

Here’s this week’s entry for “caption this picture.”

This was amazing. Been really cool to see Paisley’s profile as a WVU fan raised, and getting the “Let’s Go…..Mountaineers” chant going across the stadium was a vet move. For a guy who grew up going to WVU games, I can’t imagine how cool that was for him. We’re officially even on the split jerseys. Now I just need to a hitch a ride from here in Franklin, TN with ole Brad one of these days…..

It’s hard for me to overstate my disdain for Fox Sports 1. First they pre-empt the start for a TRUCK RACE, and then their commentary was just…….meh.

Like this. What the hell does this even mean? “Put your big boy pants on”? Seriously Fox – you had someone paid to come up with that thought and then another guy paid to type it in? I know we’re all pretty hard on ESPN, but you don’t appreciate their production value until you’re forced to endure some third tier Fox games. Their primetime team is solid, but they need to build their bench a little. We’re on that channel too much for this crap.

This was good times. I mean Howard hit him on a DEAD RUN. Maybe the prettiest pass he’s thrown as a Mountaineer. And Likely never had a chance.

Yeah, sorry about that. Hope she was OK. I mean Shelton was scooting.

This was when you really knew things were going well for us.

Props to Jed for being on the money regarding Terps QB Caleb Rowe. They didn’t need to sack him, just bother him and he couldn’t get rid of the ball quickly enough. 10/27 passing for 67 yards, zero TDs and 4 interceptions. Pretty lousy.

But the Mountaineers did get that elusive sack.

And there’s the other end of that spectrum. Sure he ended up throwing that first pick, but he also added another TD. 17-1 is a pretty solid ratio.

Planted firmly. And twisting.

This was total garbage. Heck, Shorts SLOWED UP when he saw he had the poor guy dead to rights. If that’s a penalty then just give the guys flags and set up little plastic pylons. Come on.

With all that said though I’m loving how Daikiel is playing right now. I mean that guy was running and Shorts was all but standing still and he didn’t move an inch. He’s blocking great and is making big catches. Big fan of Daikiel Shorts right about now.



(I bet half of you are too young to even know who this dude is and why I carry such disdain for him. Whippersnappers.)

We own the state of Maryland, y’all.

Another point we hit in our Presnap Read post was the need to get some more turnovers and reinforce the identity that had formed in the opener (5 turnovers) of a ball-hawking D that maybe went away with no turnovers against Liberty. Well I think another 5 turnovers (4 of them interceptions) gets us right back where we need to be. Don’t look now but WVU IS LEADING THE NATION IN TURNOVER MARGIN WITH 3 PER GAME!

(We’re in such a good place right now. Like I’m concerned with how good a place we are in.)

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For my money this was the most balanced and complete effort of the Holgorsen era. We ended up at 304 on the ground and 297 through the air. Doesn’t get much more balanced than that, and given that the best defense against Oklahoma’s ground game that shredded WVU last year is a good offense, it will be interesting to see if this attack can pound the rock and shorten the game that I’d guess Holgorsen would prefer to do.

(‘Holgorsen’ and ‘shorten the game’ in the same sentence felt weird, but I swear that’s gotta be the strategy, right?)

This was my only complain on an otherwise perfect afternoon. When you’ve got a) a undersized quarterback that runs a lot and b) a backup who has little to no experience and c) a 38 point lead, isn’t that the time to get your backup some reps. I still think that at some point this season – hopefully for no more than a series – William Crest will need to take some meaningful snaps. Wouldn’t we rather he have maximized his meaningless ones first?

On this week’s edition of “Checking In With Georgia Southern,” we learn that a team that WVU completely undressed in the season opener in fact looks like a not too bad football team. This would be the third week in a row that the team to whom WVU handed their first shutout in 20 years has dropped at least 40 on someone en route to winning by at least 24 points. Now certainly Western Michigan, The Citadel and Idaho are no murderer’s row, but isn’t beating the crap out of those teams what a good team does? So doesn’t it stand to reason that Georgia Southern is in fact a good team? Your honor please instruct the witness to ANSWER MY QUESTION.

(I just think that was a really, really impressive win that, much like a fine bourbon will only continue to get better with age)

Good to be ranked again. Although I think with this poll all it means is in order to go higher we need to get 5 or 6 of our friends to give us their votes but they they’ll need to get some of THEIR friends to give them THEIR VOTES…..and so on and so forth. That’s how this works, right?

It was a good week for fun and games and a great win for WVU. Now we set our sights to Norman and a blessedly early 11 AM tilt against the Sooners. It’s the first of a 4 game stretch that is as brutal as any a WVU squad has faced, but this team has acquitted itself so far.

Me, too Coach.

No, no, no, no….let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Keep on tweeting and keep on watching these ‘eers dominate…

LET’S GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!





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